Exclusive wardrobes fitted to measure. Enough storage space for putting casual clothes away, as towels, bath towels, dressing gowns or many practical stuffs comes in handy. Regardless of the spacious villa or smaller cosy flat or the specific kind of furniture can´t go unheeded at arranging of interior. What´s more, if there is an aesthetics with the high functionality and modern design handy in hand with the perfect comfort. The speech is about fitted wardrobes made precisely to measure, that can get finish with small storage space once and for all. Let imagination run riot There are no limits at arranging of interior. Certainly, you can tap the standart – sector furniture or the standart sector furniture or the universal set. However, there are doubts about the quality and won´t be any arguments about exclusiveness. The storage space is disputable and doesn´t have to be sufficient. Fitted wardrobes to measure from Nábytok Holík are totally different. As far as not an unlooking design concerned, that doesn´t have to lose anything from his attractiveness. Considering the capacity, the storage space itself, thanks to fitting wardrobes can gain almost in every room. Fitting wardrobes of atypical sizes Thanks to production made to measure and according to individual needs of client, can under each circumstances function as 100 %. There is a prosaic reason. Fitted wardrobes are been using of every one centimetre of space and there are no obstacles for mentioned rooms with atypical shapes. The fitting room can be the part of mechanism of the living wall, bedroom, wardrobe or entrance hall, but there can be located under the stairs or in attack.